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1.  BanksCheat (2011-05-24 14:46:54 US EST)
The U.S. Does Not Use A Fixed Exchange Rate System

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Do you mean depreciate? Or there will be 5% inflation? I agree there will be inflation, and I agree the Fed will print more money to bail out more banks and corps wasting money. And I agree that U.S. citizens will bend over and be clueless as usual.

Devaluation is an official lowering of the value of a currency using a fixed exchange rate system. An authority sets a new fixed rate pegged to a foreign currency. On the other hand, depreciation is a decrease in the exchange rate in a floating exchange rate system.

Inflation is the change in value of goods and services with respect to the purchasing power of a currency.

Also keep in mind, the Federal Reserve does not have to actually print cash. In fact, there is very little cash out there in comparison to the ones and zeros on computer systems. That is the scam we endure. No backing and a Cartel of banks profiting off fiat money. A total scam!

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